Karen is my coach and she is amazing! Love thinking in possibility! I couldn't have increased my business and wealth without it!


I shifted and my business is booming! I have abundance daily! I believe next year I will make 500,000!

Nicole Dunn

Dunn Pellier Media

Before working with you, I felt blocked around how to get out of my own way and remove the obstacles in my path in my business. In particular, I felt stuck around my marketing and that has shifted tremendously since
starting to work with you.


Now, I feel I have clarity on what my obstacles are and now have the tools to get rid of them as they come my way. I embrace the concept of “new level and new devil” and know that it doesn’t have to stop me. This has opened up what I thought was possible and new business is coming my way because of it.

Denise Lloyd

Engaged HR

Karen has long been my inspiration. Her approach to life is infectious, and she consistently sees life as what it really is - exactly what we make of it.


A dab hand at finding the crux of the problem, Karen acts as the guiding light to help a client through the darkness makes Karen one of the best coaches and mentors I've ever known.


Isabel Hamptonstone

Brain Train International

Confidence and Self-sabotage are some of the biggest challenges that women in business deal with every day.


Every woman I have coached has read every book, every article, some have seen therapists and coached with others to no avail. That's where I come in - I have a different way of dealing with these issues.


Tammy is a recent participant of the No Limits Mastermind and now has more CONFIDENCE and more CLIENTS because she now has effective tools and a mindset shift that has made ALL the difference! Watch to say what the No Limits Mastermind has done for her.

Procrastination and Overwhelm are two of the biggest challenges that women in business face on a day to day basis. Lots of women try different outer tools like apps, calendars, timers, etc. For some that helps...for awhile. For most, it doesn't work long term. 


Darcy is a recent graduate of the No Limits Mastermind and she's had some amazing results with actually eliminating procrastination  and FINALLY getting through a list as long as her arm.  Listen to her story...






Meet Tina, she is a highly goal-oriented woman who has worked for the same company for decades. She was at a crossroads as what to do next with her job.


Tina wasn't enjoying her work anymore and thought she would have to sell everything to go teach ESL in China.


After just a week into her 90 day program with Karen, a golden opportunity appeared for Tina and it, along with a number of other shifts, changed everything!





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